Best Drones for Videography

Top 10 Best Drones for Videography in 2019

In this review we feature the best drones for videography that come equipped with HD cameras for high-definition video performance. These drones are specially designed for you to take stunning videos and photos while flying in the air, and come with an adjustable wide-angle camera to take crisp aerial videos. The cameras mounted on these […]

Remote Control Drone for Beginner

Top 10 Best Remote Control Drone for Beginners

In this review we feature the best remote control drones for beginners that are designed for easy flight and mid-air manoeuvrability. These drones come with beginner-friendly controls including altitude hold, headless mode, one-key take-off and landing, as well as emergency stop controls. The drones are relatively easy to fly and come with a dedicated remote […]

Best DJI Drones

Top 6 Best DJI Drones for 2019

If you are looking for the best DJI drones, you’re in the right place. In this review, we feature the best DJI drones that excel in terms of versatility, flight controls, ease of use and camera capabilities. These drones are ideal for capturing high-definition videos and photos with great precision and clarity; they come with […]

Best Parrot Drones

Best Parrot Drones for 2019

Here are the best Parrot drones that are designed to provide versatile in-flight features and manoeuvres for beginner to experts. These drones come equipped with high capacity batteries for extended flight times and also sport an eye-catchy design. They are also built from compact frames that are designed to be lightweight and can accelerate very […]